If you want a turn-key direct mail system already done for you...better take a look at Kathy Kennebrook®'s Marketing Magic. She is made it brain-dead simple to do these mailings and has created a masterpiece package for you that is very cheap and easy to follow.

Dont just take his word for it. Read on and find out what some of my students had to say about this unique direct mail system:

After purchasing your system, I went to the courthouse to check the notices of default. I mailed your pre-foreclosure letter to 15 notices of default, folks who were in pre-foreclosure, About 8 days letter a homeowner called me. He signed over the deed. I bought his mortgage at a discount from the lender for $40,000. I sold it to a buyer for $50,000 and made a $10,000 profit on the deal. I would recommend Kathy's system and start mailing today. Who knows, maybe 15 letters will net you $10,000 too. Thanks again. --Hal Burrows - North Carolina

My initial mailing was 600 letters to out of state owners. So far I have gotten 19 responses and I have one house where I am assuming an old FHA loan with lots of equity. I am also buying a note in default with a face value of $11,000 and the home is worth $50,000. I am also buying two more houses with a combined equity of $60,000, one of which has had the same tenant for about 5 years. Not bad for one little mailing. Never have I had results like this before and I had been doing mailings for four years before implementing your system. Kathy, thanks again!! --David Lunsford - Ft Worth, TX

Direct mail works great and my phone is ringing off the hook from your zip code mailing. I just completed my first deal since the conference. The house had many great offers and sold in only two days for more than the asking price. This was a very lucrative transaction since my check at closing was $39,018.30. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathy's direct mail system to anyone wanting to grow their real estate investment business. --Bert Cox - Manchester, NH

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful materials. Using your out of state mail campaign, I mailed out 300 letters. I got 10 responses from that one mailing. We signed a contract with a seller and assigned that contract to a rehabber without putting one dime of our own money into the deal. Today we closed on that property and I walked away with a check for $30,000. With this system, I am finding motivated sellers with no competition from other investors because the homeowners hadn't even considered selling until they got my letter. I am spending very little time generating these leads because I took your advice and hired someone to stuff envelopes for me. Thank you for a program that is written clearly and concisely, with systematic, step-by-step instructions for direct mail to motivated sellers. This has allowed me to take my real estate investing from just a dream to reality. --Madeline Walusek - Las Vegas, NV

I just went full time and quit my job after the Ugly House Boot Camp in Houston. So far I have closed on two subject to deals (one using your system) I have five more deals pending all from using your Marketing Magic System. The calls just keep coming. Thank you for a wonderful way to find motivated sellers that truly is magic. --Ray Waggoner - Katy, Texas

Using your expired listings letter which I printed on my printer at home, and hand writing the envelopes like you said, I started mailing about 20 letters a day. By Thursday of that week I had over 10 calls, made appointments with two owners and bought a house the very next day. The owner deeded it to me for the mortgage balance and agreed to make 2 more mortgage payments. The mortgage balance was $128,000 and the home was worth $159,000. I got an offer from someone who wanted to use it as a rental for $146,000. We decided to take the money and run as we were going to make over $17,000 on this one deal with almost no work at all. Thank you for a great system for locating motivated sellers!! --Jian Golestani - Duluth, GA

My wife and I attended Ohio RE Expo and bought your system in October. I am so proud to let you know that we were able to close on a foreclosure deal within 60 days from our first mailing. Your system works and we are pursuing more leads!! Right after the conference, I started using your Marketing Magic mailings to pre-foreclosures. This homeowner called me and was 7 days from the sale. I submitted an offer for a short sale and my request to the bank to extend the sale date for 30 days was granted. It turned out to be a successful shortsale. Here are the numbers:

  • Loan and back payments- $136K
  • Short sale- 85K
  • Sold to neighbor- $138K

Chi-Ching!!! I partnered with a realtor to get a listing agreement. Between the two of us, 50-50 split less expenses, my wife and I made $23,022.00 net. Yes!!! A big $23,000 in less than 60 days from my first mailing! Thank you for a terrifice technique to get homeowners calling us!!! Anyone in doubt, tell them to call us! --Bobby and Marie Fojas - Naperville, IL

I am happy to say that I am a FIRM believer in your system. I got 7 deals using your Marketing Magic system that I am working on that are in various stages of negotiation. I have been in sales for 17 years and I can sell anything. If you just do the mailings, you will make money!! By the way, do me a favor. Stop selling your system in my counties-Pheonix, Tempe, Gilbert, Tempe- JUST KIDDING!! Your system is a great way to find motivated sellers!!! --Brian Hannon - Phoenix, AZ

I just tried out another aspect of your comprehensive marketing system. This time I mailed to pre-foreclosures using your letter campaign. I sent out 35 letters, got 2 phone calls and put together one deal. It's not sold yet, but the comps support about $150,000 more than I paid. Yes, $150,000!!!! --Ronnie Baras -Silver Springs, MD

I am sure you've heard it before, but I'll say it anyway, the out of state owner letter has done it for me!! I started sending letters shortly after your seminar. I just closed on the sale of a house I bought as a result of those letters. A $37,000 profit in six weeks is more than acceptable to me!! Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience! They certainly have been helpful to me!! --Doris McCrory - Chatanooga, TN

Thanks so much for your valuable information and teaching on professionally using direct mail to further my real estate investing. Marketing Magic works! I used your techniques and located a beautifully ugly condominium in Chicago. I mailed out 345 letters, received 15 responses and negotiated 3 deals!! This one was the best. The purchase price was $100,000 cash and I simply remarketed the property to a qualified rehabber for $120,000. After some small expenses, I netted $18,814.00 on this deal. Thanks again for a system that works! --Doug Crowe - Chicago, IL.

Today I closed and resold a property I found by using one of your letter campaigns. The seller called us after he received our second pre-foreclosure letter. I made arrangements to pay off all his debts and liens on the property (five altogether) and was able to sell the property immediately to another investor for a profit of $15, 925.00. As we did a double closing, I didn't need any of my own money for this transaction. Thanks again!!! Kurt and Susanne Novak - Dublin, OH

By using your direct mail system to out of state owners, I was able to find, negotiate, and close on a deal putting no money down out of my own pocket. I will own the home free and clear in 10 years! I did this within 2 weeks of beginning your system. --Cindy and Mike George - Ormond Beach, FL

I want to thank you for your system. It has led me to more leads than I know how to handle. --Bryan Jameson - New Port Richey, FL

The marketing techniques you have developed are wonderful. We have done 9 deals since implementing your system just this last year which have generated a great deal of additional income for my company. --Andrew Dent - Bradenton, FL

We started an out of town owners mailing using your materials and have gotten excellent results. I have two houses under contract right now, not to mention a pile of leads that I am still trying to work through. As for lead generation, your system has given me more bang for the buck than anything else I've done. I am totally sold on it. --Paul Andrews - Englewood, FL

I want to thank you for putting this system together. In the three weeks or so since I started mailing letters using your system, I've made a half dozen offers, which is six times as many as I had made in the preceding three months. Thanks. --Hal Davis - Plano, TX

Wanted to let you know what great results we are getting. Since my wife and I started using the direct mail campaigns contained in your system, we are receiving at least 45 leads per month. We netted over $9,000 on one of our first deals using your system. --Larry Harbolt - St. Petersburg, FL

With your advice and coaching I was able to get on a program that makes sense and gets results. Patience, persistence and your excellent system have given me a way to significantly increase my income and get that much closer to my goals. --Mike Heiney - Clearwater, FL

As a real estate investor with 5 years experience and over $20,000 of other trainers courses, I found Marketing Magic to be a fresh and powerful approach which I can honestly say I wish I'd had 5 years ago. I immediately implemented your system and it is revolutionizing the profitability of my business. --Scott Bullen - FL

Wow! What a marketing product this package is. Not only did I close on a deal within a month of purchasing your materials, my phone is constantly ringing. I am on my way! This is all from using your marketing techniques. --Sheela Dave - Palm Harbor, FL

Ordinary people are making thousands of dollars using this unique marketing system in virtually every city and every state, everyday. And you can too!

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“When it comes to knowing how to find motivated sellers without spending much of any time or effort, Kathy Kennebrook is the absolute master. She’s knows exactly what to do and her Marketing Magic System shows you step by step exactly what to do.” -

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