Marketing Magic FAQ

Marketing Magic FAQ

What is included with the Marketing Magic System?

The Marketing Magic System by Kathy Kennebrook includes 2 manuals which contain 12 direct mail campaigns (with all of the directions to do each one) targeting sellers who are highly qualified like- out of state owners, vacant properties, estate and probate properties, military, quit claim deeds, pre-foreclosures, properties with no mortgage, multi-family owners, luxury properties, expired listings, getting the deed, a mailing to attorneys, how to find your personal dream home with no money and no credit and more.

In addition the Marketing Magic System includes 24 additional marketing techniques and samples of all of them. Some of these include Advertorials, News Paper Ads, How to Use Mortgage Brokers, Auction Houses, Realtors and Code Enforcement as birddogs, Business Cards, Signage, Bus Benches, Sponsorships, T-shirts, Caps, lumpy mail, Internet marketing and much more!

You will also find the Calling On Ads Campaign Kathy Kennebrook designed which is a whole system based around finding excellent deals by calling on ads in your local newspapers and Shopper Guides. She provides the entire system for you with all of the forms and explains exactly how to employ the person who will do the calling for you and get all the information you need to determine whether or not there is a deal to be made with these sellers.

The Marketing Magic System also provides you with all the resources you need for the list brokers and companies to do your mailings for you.

Kathy Kennebrook also provides a third manual in her Marketing Magic System called “Seller Conversations”. In this manual Kathy Kennebrook goes through actual conversations with real sellers and real deals so you can read and hear what those conversations sounded like both with motivated and non-motivated sellers. This is an excellent training tool for you to use for your Real Estate Investing business.

The Marketing Magic System also includes Kathy Kennebrook’s Personal Marketing Resource Kit which includes all the resources she uses in her real Estate Investing business every day, and a Four Bonus Pack on USB which includes information on building your Roth IRA, how to do Round Robin Auctions, other Unique Marketing Strategies, how to build a Credibility Kit, how to find Private Lending for your deals, Kathy’s personal 24 hour recorded message and more. She also includes at least 90 days of Personal Consulting for you where you can e-mail or fax her any question you might have regarding your marketing or a deal you might be working on.

Once I order Marketing Magic how long does it take me to receive it?

All products are shipped via USPS Postal Priority from Kathy Kennebrook’s fulfillment house. All products are shipped within 24 hours of the order so your product delivery will take between three and six days depending on where you live. Your tracking number will be sent to the e-mail address you provide with your order so you can track the progress of your product delivery.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 10 day refund period. All products must be returned to us within 10 days from date of purchase. You must first call our office and receive a return authorization number and the address to send the product to. In order for us to process your refund all parts of the product must be returned to us in salable condition. In addition the USB must not be opened. If the USB or software are opened, the product is non-refundable. All of the forms and letters are in the manuals for you to look at. Once product is received complete and in good condition, your refund will be processed within ten days. If product has been sold through another promoter; that promoter will be notified of the refund.

Can I buy the Marketing Magic Spanish Upgrade by itself?

The Marketing Magic Spanish Upgrade is an upgrade to the Marketing Magic system and must be purchased with Marketing Magic. If you already own Marketing Magic and you are in our database, you may purchase the Spanish Upgrade as a stand alone product to add to your Marketing Magic System.

Does Kathy Kennebrook offer ongoing support with her product?

Kathy Kennebrook offers her students at least ninety days of support with the purchase of any of her products. You can contact her by e-mail to answer any questions you might have concerning your marketing or a deal you might be working on. If Kathy needs to call you regarding your question, she will gladly do so.

What makes Marketing Magic better than other marketing products available for sale?

There are many marketing programs available for sale but there are some specific features that make Marketing Magic stand out from all the rest. Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic system offers a complete marketing plan for you no matter what your real estate market is doing or where you live. It is not focused on just one type of seller or just one type of marketing. In addition, Kathy Kennebrook has made it brain dead simple to get your mailings done, follow up with your sellers, track and follow up with your buyers and your deals, thus automating this whole segment of your Real Estate Investing business. Most marketing systems only focus on one segment of the market and do not offer all of the systems to automate your Real Estate Investing business.

Which marketing campaigns should I start with?

The answer to this question has a lot to do with what kinds of deals you are looking for and what part of the country you live in. Kathy Kennebrook always gets an excellent response rate from the out of state owner mailing, the quit claim deed mailing and the vacant house mailings. The response rates to your mailings will depend on your demorgraphic and which direct mail campaigns you choose to implement.

 If you live in an area for example where there are a lot of military bases, you definitely want to focus on the military mailing. If you are looking for wholesale deals, the out of state owner mailing and the vacant house mailing are both excellent lead sources for these types of deals. Kathy Kennebrook covers this in detail in the introduction to her Marketing Magic system to help you to get focused and moving in the direction to find the deals you are personally looking for in your Real Estate Investing business.

Do these marketing techniques work in any market?

Absolutely. This is why Kathy Kennebrook developed the Marketing Magic System. It contains a collection of marketing strategies you can use wherever you live, no matter what your real estate market is doing. As your market changes, the marketing techniques you are employing will change along with it. This is why Kathy has supplied you with a variety of tools to use in any market so that your marketing can “flex” along with whatever your real estate market is doing.

Will these strategies work in the current real estate market?

Once again, absolutely. Even though there are a large number of sellers in the market right now, this does not necessarily lead to good profitable deals. You still want to take the time to sift out the highly qualified sellers your competitors know nothing about in order to create the most highly profitable deals.

Does the Marketing Magic System provide resources for us to get the lists we need?

Yes it does. Kathy Kennebrook has personally taken the time to create relationships with several list brokers who will not only provide the lists you need to do your mailings exactly the way you need them, but they will provide them in such a way that all you have to do is to download them to your computer, then send the whole file to a company who will do all the mailings for you. The system is fully automated.

Does Marketing Magic have resources for us to use to find someone to do the mailings for us?

Kathy Kennebrook has provided several resources for you to get your mailings done no matter what point you are at in your business, whether you want to hire someone yourself to do the mailings or whether you want to use the company Kathy has created a relationship with to do the mailings for you. All of the information you need is provided for you in the Marketing Magic manuals.

Are there resources in the Marketing Magic System to help us find funding for our deals?

Kathy Kennebrook has provided you with all the tools you need to get your deals done. She has created a relationship with a company who can provide you with hard money lending to do your deals and this information is contained within the Marketing Magic System.  In addition, she has also provided you with information on how to find wholesale buyers for your deals and information on finding private lenders to fund your deals.

Why should I use a personal looking letter as opposed to just mailing post cards?

Post cards are an inexpensive way for you to find sellers. The main problem with using post cards to find highly motivated sellers is two-fold. First of all, most people sort their mail over the trash and most of the time they will pitch the post card without even so much as looking at it. This is a waste of your marketing dollars. In addition they know it’s a solicitation, so you are not creating that “personal relationship” with your sellers so they are not going to be as willing to work with you. In addition Kathy's letters include a response mechanism for the sellers which allows them to give you all the information you need to determine if there is a deal to be made. In this way, your deals are pre-screened when the responses come in via mail or email. When you customize a letter so the seller provides you with all the information you need to determine whether there is a deal even before you contact that person, this is a much better use of your time and money. A personal looking letter just works the best when it comes to attracting highly qualified motivated sellers who want to work with you.

Is there a plan within Marketing Magic that explains what I should do first, second, third, etc?

Each one of the direct mail campaigns and each of the marketing techniques stand completely alone in the manuals with all of the directions you need to do each one. So just pick which direct mail campaign you want to do and read the directions step by step. Better yet, hand someone else the manual and let them do all the work for you.

How much will it cost to get started doing direct mail?

How much you spend on your direct mail campaigns will vary by where you live and how many direct mail campaigns you want to do at any given time. There is a cost involved in acquiring the lists you are going to use, but remember you will be using these lists for at least a year. In addition if you hire someone to do the work for you, you are looking at a mailing cost of approximately sixty nine cents per letter. Take a moment to think about how many letters it takes to get one deal. It may only take 50-100 letters to get a deal worth several thousand dollars. The cost is fairly minimal.

How long will it take to start getting responses to my mailings?

You should begin seeing a response to your mailings within days of sending your letters out. This is one of the advantages to using direct mail to find motivated sellers. The responses begin coming in almost immediately.

Does Marketing Magic include the telephone scripts I need to be able ask sellers the right questions?

In the Marketing Magic System there is a third manual called “Magic Seller Conversations”. Kathy Kennebrook went through her files and pulled real deals with real sellers for each of the direct mail campaigns and she went into the studio and recorded the conversations she had with these sellers. This manual includes conversations with sellers both motivated and non-motivated for each one of the twelve direct mail campaigns. At the end of each conversation, Kathy Kennebrook analyzes the deal for you as to why she did or didn’t buy it and if she did; what her exit strategy was and why. This manual alone is an invaluable training tool for you for your real estate investing business.

Are there resources in Marketing Magic for me to order business cards, signage, vehicle signage, door knob hangers, lumpy mail pieces, t-shirts and other marketing tools I need for my business?

As an add-on to the Marketing Magic System Kathy Kennebrook added a bonus pack she calls her “Million Dollar Resource Kit”. Within this bonus pack you will find the resources Kathy uses in her business every day. She has even negotiated discounted pricing on these resources for her students. They can supply you will all of the tools you need for marketing your Real Estate Investing business including business cards, door hangers, lumpy mail, signage, vehicle signage and much more.

Does the Marketing Magic System include information about getting properties sold?

While the Marketing Magic System is primarily a marketing system to find motivated sellers in any real estate market, Kathy kennebrook has included information for you on getting your properties sold or leased. Within the bonus pack there is an audio called “Creating Wealth Using the Power of Auctions”. This audio on USB walks you through step by step on how to create a successful Round Robin Auction. 

Does the Marketing Magic system have resources for us to find the owners of vacant properties?

Within the “Vacant House” direct mail campaign section of the manual Kathy Kennebrook includes 18 different ways she personally uses to locate the owners of vacant properties.