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Pre-Paid Legal: The Tool Every Investor Must Have

Hi Everyone!

Kathy Kennebrook here to share some incredible informationabout a legal service you really need to have in your personal life and in yourReal Estate Investing business.

In your investing career how many times have you thought toyourself, "I'd like to have an attorney look at this but I don't want to spendthe money?," or "I think this is the law, but it would be nice if I could askan attorney to find out for sure?"

As Real Estate Investors it would be nice if we could havean attorney at our disposal whenever we needed one.  One that could help withcontract questions, tenant disputes, contractor issues, asset protection, andso on.  In reality, we would need many attorneys to cover all of thesedifferent areas.  But potentially, that could get very expensive.

Here is another question for you: How many times have you known you should have an attorney look at something but didn't want to incur theexpense so you just risked it?  If you are lucky it didn't come back to biteyou, if you were unlucky you ended up paying the cost many times over and youhave vowed to NEVER get into that position again.

The expression "An ounce of prevention is worth a poundof cure" definitely applies when it comes to legal protection. Beginninginvestors especially are vulnerable, due to both lack of funds and lack ofexperience in avoiding pitfalls.

If you have been smart enough to make use of an attorneyhave you cringed at the size of the bill you received? $50 to get one quickquestion answered?

Fortunately there is an excellent solution for us, it'scalled Pre-Paid Legal. For a small monthly fee - with no contract required- we can get access to a battery of attorneys.  How small is the monthly fee? Right around $25 bucks a month! Just check out my website at

How can you use this as an investor?

For starters, you can make unlimited phone calls tohave your legal questions answered and receive legal advice.  How useful isthat?  Think about how many different ways you can use that when you are buyingor selling investment deals, or even for your personal life.  For example,let's say a tenant calls you and says their apartment was broken into and wantsyou to fix the front door. Tenants speak in code, and more often than not,when a tenant says their apartment was broken into it really means they lockedtheir keys inside and didn't want to pay the fee for you letting them back inso instead they kicked in their door and claimed someone broke in. 

A quick call to Pre-Paid Legal and the attorney may adviseyou to have the tenant file a police report and have you insist on seeing thepolice report before the door can be repaired or have the door fixed at theirexpense if they fail to provide the police report.  Tenants know that filing afalse report is a crime so they'll probably think twice about followingthrough.

Pre-Paid Legal can also write letters on your behalf.  When people or businesses receive a letter from an attorney on your behalf they knowthat you have an attorney at your disposal and will not be easily pushed around.  This can be very useful when dealing with unscrupulous contractors,for example. I have had my share of great contractors but I've also had todeal with some who try to take shameless advantage.  If you have a contractorwho consistently doesn't show up at the job site to get their work done thiscosts you a lot of money in delays.  A quick letter from your attorney willprobably be all of the prompting that contractor needs to start showing up andgetting the job done. 

Or what about if the contractor underbids the job and thentries to bill you extra for their mistake? Most people end up paying this typeof bill, pretty much knowing they are being taken advantage of but not knowingwhat they can do about it.  A letter to the contractor from your attorney willlet that contractor know they aren't going to be able to take advantage of you. If a contractor tries to bill you just an extra $600 for a job, that would payfor your Pre-Paid Legal costs for 2 years!

Here is something that most people don't know. When you buya house the purchase agreement you sign is in no way a standard document. Purchase agreements aren't written out by each state and then required to beused in each transaction. It doesn't work that way. Every real estate companyhas their own purchase agreement, any private transaction outside a real estatecompany will have a unique purchase agreement. Once you sign that purchaseagreement you are bound to it. How would you like to be the buyer of a housewhere you have to pay the seller's unpaid property taxes for the last fiveyears because it was written into the purchase agreement?

Too many of us don't want to spend the money to have anattorney review a contract. We just risk it instead. Pre-Paid Legal willreview an UNLIMITED number of personal documents for you, up to 10 pages each. Plus they will review one business document once a year at no extra charge. Talk about peace of mind and power! Just check out the entire plan at

Those are some of the common uses we as investors have forPre-Paid Legal. Those types of things are integral to our business and wewould use them on a regular basis. Pre-Paid Legal offers a whole lot morebenefits than that for our small monthly fee. I won't go into them all buthere are two critical ones.

If you or your spouse is named as a defendant or respondentin a civil or criminal action you receive 75 hours of paid attorney time, andit increases by another 75 hours for each year you renew, up to a total of 335hours of pre-trial and trial time. That's enough for almost every trial exceptO.J. Simpson's! God forbid that this should ever come to pass, but what awonderful safeguard to have.

The other critical service Pre-Paid Legal offers that Iwanted to mention is that if you are ever audited by the IRS, which seems tohappen more to us investors than the average person, you receive 50 hours ofpaid attorney time. Facing the IRS without the support of an attorney justisn't something you want to do.

Do you have your will done? No? You are not alone; 80% ofour country does not have a written will. Pre-Paid Legal will do your will atno charge and your spouse's, or significant other's (if living together), foran additional $20. Stop putting it off. You need to get your will done. Itis free now so there are no excuses.

If you are a seasoned investor, I have probably alreadymentioned at least one thing that has happened to you where you would havebenefited from an attorney's assistance (hopefully not too much more than one thing!) If you are a beginning investor, I can pretty much guarantee to youthat at some point in your investing career you are going to NEED an attorney. There will be plenty of times when it will be to your benefit to make use of anattorney, but there will be at least one occasion in your investing careerwhere you will NEED an attorney.

As Real Estate Investors, when we buy and sell houses, we often make use of RealtorsT and mortgage brokers on our transactions. Each time wedo, they get paid for their work, usually a percentage of the cost, whichamounts to thousands of dollars. If you could retain a RealtorT and a mortgagebroker for $25 bucks a month to take care of you wouldn't you jump at thechance? Here's the thing, attorneys charge MORE than RealtorsT or mortgage brokers!

Not only that, but how many of us has received traffictickets and would really like to have gone to court to fight them? Pre-PaidLegal will do this for you also, at no charge to you. Or how many times haveyou had a personal problem, maybe with a neighbor or a creditor and a simpleletter from an attorney might have solved the problem? These are additionalservices offered by Pre-Paid Legal.

I highly recommend Pre-Paid Legal to every investor I knowbecause it's such a great deal and I make use of it myself, in fact I have hadthis incredible service for about 7 years and have used it multiple times in mypersonal and professional life.

To sign up for Pre-Paid Legal or to find out more pleasevisit: or call Kathy Kennebrook at (941) 792-5390.

Court TV has even profiled Pre-Paid Legal this year.