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US Lead List

Special Marketing Magic Discount
to the easiest, most efficient way to find discounted homes

Are you looking to buy a Home or Investment Property? Use our Lead List to find those Hidden Real Estate Deals at Reduced Prices

The current school of thought to find Investment Property at a discount, you need to find someone in foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, etc. Everybody knows this and these markets are overworked. It is not unusual for someone in foreclosure to get 200 pieces of mail offering to help them out. US Lead List homeowners get just one letter, yours, using Kathy Kennebrook’s proven Marketing Magic letters. We have developed this new nationwide mailing list of homeowners providing you with a market that is virtually untapped. These homeowners are not found on the internet and are flying below the radar, creating massive potential.

Let’s summarize our benefits:

  • Highly Targeted/No competition - You are usually the first and only contact
  • Timing is Everything - 20% are going to sell in the next 4 months
  • Buy “as is” - Motivated long-term owners, ready to sell
  • Buy at a discount - Sellers have equity and are ready to deal
  • Great response - 10 times the normal response rate (California research) using specific targeted direct mail campaigns
  • New names every three months - Ongoing stream of potential leads

We have included one of the many testimonials below (more testimonials can been seen at

“My partner and I are full-time real estate investors and recently heard about usleadlist. They told me that they had one of the best list of motivated sellers that you could buy. We were skeptical but having a good list is such a huge part of any direct mail campaign so I was willing to try. Terry and Lance took their time explaining how they operate and made me feel really good about what they do. Our first mailing had great results. We had a great response and got several motivated sellers looking to sell right away. We only wish the list was bigger so we could get even more calls. We are very excited about using usleadlist in our future mail campaigns. I wish I had access to this list when I got started 4 years ago. Thanks Terry and Lance and keep the great leads coming!”

Brian Rhodes

So what are you waiting for? You’ve seen the testimonials. U S Lead List works in every town and city. Make it easy on yourself. You no longer have to go out beating the bushes, banging your head on foreclosures or placing classified ads. Contact us today to get a count in your area or even if you just want more information. Just provide us with the 3 digit zip codes in your area and we’ll respond quickly with numbers and pricing. We limit the sales in any one area to keep your quality responses high. So contact us today because once it is sold out, somebody else is buying your houses. is the easiest, most efficient way to find discounted homes.

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