Marketing Magic III- The For Sale By Owner and Senior Home Owner




Marketing Magic III- The For Sale By Owner, Senior Home Owner, and Inherited Property Mailing Guide

This incredible new system was created to provide you with some brand new tools and skill sets you will need to continue to build a successful Real Estate Investment Business using specifically targeted Direct Mail Campaigns to attract highly motivated sellers to you. These are sellers who are often willing to offer creative financing or who are simply willing to deed you their properties for the balance of their mortgage. Some of these sellers will also have properties that will create excellent opportunities for wholesale deals.

This innovative system includes all the directions and letters you need to:

Implement Three brand New Direct Mail Campaigns to locate highly motivated sellers and create more profitable deals.

Manage Your Time More Efficiently- Get someone else to do all the work for you.

Position Yourself Out In Front. Enjoy having the competitive edge by working with sellers who don’t have a solution to their problem until they are contacted by you.

Pre-screen FSBO Sellers so you only deal with the most highly motivated sellers.

Turn Small Marketing Dollars Into Big Profits with Minimal Effort and Huge results!

Implement this System even if you are a Realtor. I have included the letters for you to use if you are a Realtor.

Make the offer and follow up with these sellers. I explain how to put systems in place to save you hours of work every month.

AND SO MUCH MORE!!! I want to help you earn the same big profits I do. This manual and Forms CD also includes all of the list brokers you need to specifically implement these mailings no matter where you live. I have even included information on a company that will do all the mailings for you. The forms and letters can be downloaded to you as a PDF as well.

This amazing system is about as simple as it gets. Find highly qualified Senior and For Sale By Owner Sellers and set a course for success in your Real Estate Investing Business. As a long-term entrepreneur, author and Real Estate Investor, I have unleashed a wealth of information that will set you light years ahead of your competition and jump start your Real Estate Investment Business. I have unlocked the secrets to getting really motivated sellers to contact you and offer you incredible opportunities to create deals without using any of your own cash.

And as always, all of my products come with a 10 day guarantee. So order yours today and set a course for success in your Real Estate Investing Business.