The For Sale By Owner Information Guide

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Now: $129.00

The For Sale by Owner Information Guide was designed as a tool for you to give to the “For Sale by Owner” Seller in order to educate them on the risks and advantages of trying to sell a home on their own. This audio presentation provides a point by point narrative on the necessary steps to sell a home on your own. It also addresses how selling your own home is a huge responsibility; requiring enormous amounts of unwavering commitment and time, and how stressful it can be under the best of circumstances.  Within the body of the material I address 18 aspects of selling a home on your own, which include:


● The necessity of determining the value of the home.

● The difficulties of working within specific time constraints the seller may have.

● The importance of marketing their home extensively to reach the highest number of

   prospective buyers.

● Safety issues involved with having strangers going through the seller’s home on a

   regular basis while they are trying to get their home sold.

● The time commitment it takes to market and show a home.

● Items a seller needs to address in order to get their home ready to sell including

   curb appeal, necessary repairs and regular maintenance.

● The difficulties involved with showing their home if they work long hours or have pets.

● Pre-qualifying prospective buyers so they don’t waste time on buyers who can’t afford

   their home.

● The difficulties involved in negotiating with buyers.

● The steps required in order to get from the sale to the close of escrow.

● The importance of being aware of local real estate laws regarding disclosures and

  deadlines for  inspections.

● Making sure they have the right documents necessary to put the home under contract.

● What a property specialist is and why working with one might be the best solution to

    their problem.


And so much more! I have even included an order form for you so you can have this CD duplicated in order to give them to FSBO sellers. You can even add your contact information at the end of the CD. This is going to be an invaluable tool for you to use to work with these motivated sellers.