Marketing Magic Spanish Forms Upgrade

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Now: $695.00



Kathy Kennebrook®'s Marketing Magic - Spanish Forms Upgrade

You have been asking for it! We have done it!! The all-new Forms Manual for developing your marketing to the Spanish Communities is here!!

I have included all of the Marketing pieces in your Marketing Magic manuals in this New Spanish Upgrade!! Never before has this been done. We have unveiled this product to help you to market to a whole new set of motivated sellers!!

  1. All of the letters in Marketing Magic and Marketing Magic II
  2. All of the Pre-foreclosure Letters
  3. All of the Business Card Samples
  4. All of the Flyer Designs and Verbiage
  5. All of the T-shirt Designs
  6. All of the Signage samples for both Yard Signs and Vehicle Signage
  7. Sample Newspaper Ads
  8. Sample Advertorials
  9. Sample Post Cards
  10. All of the Telephone Scripts for the Direct Mail campaigns including Out of State Owners,
  11. Pre-foreclosure, Multi-family mailing and Get the Deed scripts
  12. The entire Calling On Ads campaign and all the Telephone Scripts for calling on Homes for Rent, and Homes for Sale
  13. The Tenant Referral Letter for the tenant referral program


I have made this system incredibly easy to use! Throughout the manual all of the marketing pieces are labeled as to what they are in case you don’t read Spanish. I have also included copies of all the pieces in the manual in English and in Spanish on opposing pages so you know exactly what you’re looking at!!


In addition….I have included a Forms CD with all of the marketing pieces both in English and in Spanish. All you have to do is change your information, print them and you’re on your way!! I can also provide these documents as a word file for you to use. Just ask!!


I also tell you how you can find translators to help you in your business even if you don’t speak Spanish!


Purchase yours NOW for the special discounted price of only $697.00. This is a savings of 200.00 on the new course price of $897.00. We are offering this special price to YOU for a very limited time since you are one of our valued students and have purchased my Marketing Magic System!


If you would like to add this very special system to your business to enable you to buy and sell even more properties, fill out the order information below and include your check, money order or credit card information to purchase your copy today! $695.00 plus $19.95 priority shipping. You may not purchase this product unless you own my Marketing Magic System. This product is an upgrade to Marketing Magic.