Marketing Magic Plus Spanish Upgrade

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Marketing Magic With Spanish Upgrade Includes:


Marketing Magic- "The Green System"


In Marketing Magic-How To Find Motivated Sellers , you'll get my complete system that includes 5 direct mail campaigns targeted to locate more motivated sellers than you will be able to handle in addition to several other great marketing techniques. You'll receive step-by-step directions on:


  • How to attract only the most motivated sellers and have them practically begging you to take their property off their hands.
  • How to use my special Response Mechanism designed to get motivated sellers contacting you quickly.
  • How to use my step-by-step marketing plan to find motivated sellers even if you haven't done your first deal yet.
  • How to pre-screen sellers so you only deal with the ones most likely to make the best deals with you, instead of wasting your time on houses you will never be able to buy.
  • How to Automate the System to get someone else doing all the work for you so you can close the deals.
  • You'll learn how to find more deals in the first couple of weeks than you will be able to process in a year. Finding the deals is the easiest part when you use my unique systems.
  • How to find and contact the owners of vacant, abandoned properties and how to make incredible deals on these properties.
  • How to find and make incredible deals with burned out landlords. These can be a wonderful opportunity to purchase multi-properties.
  • How to locate motivated sellers who need to sell and have no idea about how to solve their problem. Some of these very motivated sellers include out of state owners, estates, and divorce situations.
  • How to follow up with prospective sellers so you end up buying their property when their circumstances dictate that they sell. Most real estate investors leave boatloads of money behind by not having a follow up plan in place.
  • Telephone scripts so you'll never have to wonder what you should say to these motivated sellers.
  • How to do mailings within specific zip code ranges in your area and refine your list to reach only the most motivated sellers within these zip codes.


  • How to use the other 10 marketing techniques that I share with you to find motivated sellers. Typical marketing rules say that you should have between three and five marketing strategies in place in order to have the highest number of motivated sellers contacting you at any given time.

Marketing Magic 1

Marketing Magic 2


Marketing Magic II- "The Red System"


In Marketing Magic II -How To Find Even More Motivated Sellers , you will get even more unique direct mail campaigns designed to locate even more motivated sellers, and… I have even included even more special marketing techniques you can use with these sellers including:


  • How to build credibility and confidence with your sellers from their very first contact with you.
  • · A step-by-step marketing plan for you to have even more motivated sellers contacting you quickly.
  • How to get motivated sellers calling you with houses other investors simply do not want or know how to buy. But you will!
  • Even more low-cost techniques to attract motivated sellers to contact you…plus, all the scripts you'll need to pre-screen sellers so you end up dealing with only the most highly motivated of the group.
  • How to locate motivated sellers who will deed you excellent homes in lovely neighborhoods.
  • How to approach and get Realtors to supply you with more qualified leads than you can handle without having to pay huge commissions.
  • How to locate the owners of and purchase Pre-foreclosures before other investors know about them.
  • How to call on Ads , what to say, who to call and how to get someone else doing all the work for you so all you have to do is deal with sellers who really want to sell. I have even included the telephone scripts so the sellers are pre-screened for you.
  • How to find your personal dream home in a lovely area with no cash out of pocket and no credit. Purchase a beautiful home for yourself and your family for way under its market value and make all your friends jealous.
  • How to use Attorneys to find you great deals on distressed properties no one else knows about. This is an excellent lead generation technique to find properties that other investors simply don't know about without any other work on your part except for the initial contact with the attorney.
  • How to use your current tenants as bird dogs and motivate them to continuously find you great leads on properties you can purchase and get your rents paid on time.
  • How to find and work with the owners of properties with no mortgages and get really creative financing on these excellent properties in great neighborhoods .
  • How to target other niche markets that other investors just don't even think about and make great deals on great houses there is absolutely no competition for.


  • Learn how to use 14 additional marketing techniques that are some of my personal favorites to build your lead base and let even more sellers know that you are in the business of buying houses and create even more revenue in the process.


  • How to use Wholesale Buyers to bird dog for you, build your lead base and make you even more money by purchasing the properties from you after you get them under contract.


These are all the marketing techniques that I personally use to generate more leads than I can process. In the last few years, I have bought and sold hundreds of properties using these methods on a daily basis. So I know they work.


And according to students who are using my systems all over the country, they will work no matter where you live. If you want to have all the motivated sellers you'll ever need contacting you, then these Marketing Magic Systems are for you! Your business can't survive without sellers, and personally… I only like the ones who are motivated to sell.


 Magic Seller Phone Conversations



In this unique product, I pulled out the telephone scripts for each of the Marketing Magic direct mail campaigns, (12 in all) and we created a manual and audio to teach you how to talk to sellers. We pulled out real deals from our files done with real sellers and re-enacted the phone conversations so you can hear them first-hand. You'll learn how to:


  • Recognize the difference between a motivated seller and a non-motivated seller.
  • Quickly end a conversation with a non-motivated seller.
  • Get all the information you need to determine whether or not there is a deal to be made.
  • Leave the lines of communication open with semi-motivated sellers so you can follow up and do a deal at a later date when the seller becomes more motivated.
  • Listen to the scripts over and over until you become comfortable with the words you need to say to sellers.
  • Make the deal on the phone before you ever go see the property.
  • Work with all kinds of sellers in all kinds of situations.


These are the telephone scripts I use every day to talk to all kinds of sellers so I know they work. I wanted to share this special product with you, my students, as a way to help you get even more deals done and jump-start your real estate business!


I have even included a copy of my personal 24 hour recorded message, both audio and transcribed.


Seller Phone Conversations



Marketing Magic-Spanish Forms Upgrade

This is the one and only Forms Manual for marketing to Spanish Speaking Sellers.  I translated all of the Marketing pieces in my Marketing Magic Systems to Spanish. This has never been done by any other “Guru”. This Marketing Product was translated professionally in order to address all of the dialect differences in the Spanish language so every Spanish Speaking Seller can read and understand your message. I developed this product to help you to market to a whole new set of motivated sellers that none of your competitors are able to! So you have this market all to yourself!! This Spanish Marketing System includes:


1.      All of the letters in Marketing Magic and Marketing Magic II including Pre-foreclosure

2.      All of the Business Card Samples, Flyer Designs and Verbiage, plus T-shirt Designs

3.      All of the Signage samples for Yard Signs, Vehicle Signage, Door Hangers and Banners

4.      Sample Newspaper Ads, Post Cards and Advertorials

5.      All of the Telephone Scripts for all 12 of the Direct Mail campaigns

6.      The entire Calling On Ads campaign including the Telephone Scripts for calling on Homes for Rent and Homes for Sale

7.      The Tenant Referral Letter for the tenant referral program

8.      Complete directions on how to use this system even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish.