Guerilla Tactics To Boost Your Credit Score

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Guerilla Tactics

Guerilla Tactics To Boost Your Credit Score-Insider Tips To Survive A Credit Driven Economy was created to provide you with the tools and strategies you need to survive and prosper in an economy where credit score affects so many facets of your life. The difference between having bad credit and great credit can mean thousands of dollars over your lifetime. This innovative Guide will show you:

  • How credit scores are calculated
  • Strategies to boost your credit score 100-200 points
  • How credit scores impact your life
  • What factors affect credit score
  • How a low credit score can strangle your financial future
  • Little known secrets that can hurt or help your credit score
  • Keys to winning disputes with Credit Bureaus and Creditors
  • Tips for protecting your Identity and personal privacy
  • Survival strategies to reduce negatives and improve positive credit
  • Credit Monitoring and Credit Repair- the good, the bad and the ugly
  • How to receive a free credit report
  • How to use Fraud Alerts to repair credit

AND so much more!! This 2 CD set including audio and transcript was designed to help you improve your credit score, protect your identity and learn the insider secrets to credit scoring. As long-term entrepreneurs, authors and trainers, Kathy Kennebrook and Dr. Stefan Kasian share a vast wealth of “guerilla tactics” that will help you survive and prosper in a credit-driven society.