Kathy Kennebrook® - The Awesome Power Of The Credibility Kit





Kathy Kennebrook’s Magic Credibility Kit


 I have created Kathy Kennebrook’s Credibility Kit Audio CD just for you. This audio or PDF download explains step by step how to build a credibility kit and what pieces you need to build one. I created this special audio and PDF download for you with my friend Louis Brown who is the “King of Forms” for your real estate investing business. 

      Why do you need a credibility kit? Your personal credibility kit will not only build credibility for you with your sellers, it will give you a serious edge over your competition. Almost none of your competition knows about this incredible tool! This one tool will separate you from your competition like nothing else can and help to bring you more deals than you can handle! The other important function of a credibility kit is to give you the confidence you need to make a good deal with your seller. I will also explain to you how to use your credibility kit to locate even more private lenders!! Isn’t that what every business needs, more money to fund more deals?? What better way is there to show prospective lenders important information about you and your business than to use a credibility kit? 

      Building your personal credibility kit is going to be one of the most important tools you add to your business. Nothing speaks louder or more clearly about you or your integrity than letters from your sellers, personal reference letters, letters from your lenders, copies of ads you have run, photos of properties you have bought and sold, and the professionalism that a credibility kit presents to your seller!! Think about any time you have had someone do work for you, like countertops or roofing or exterior siding. Didn’t they have a book to show you samples of the work they have done? This is what a credibility kit does for you in your business, shows your sellers how you can help them. 

      Even if you are just starting out in the real estate business, I explain exactly how you too can start building your credibility kit and what needs to go into it. You have no idea how much power a credibility kit can give you until you put one together and start using it. My personal credibility kit has given me the edge when buying a property on many occasions simply because a competitor didn’t have this amazing tool and the seller chose to work with me.  

      This special Audio or PDF download is priced at only $24.95 and is an incredible tool to use to show you how you too can begin building your own personal Credibility Kit.