Action Coaching



This 4' 11" Woman, Who's Bought Hundreds of Houses in the Last Several Years, Quietly Attracts and Mentors Real Estate Investors Who Happily Duplicate Her Successes for Themselves—Even in Today's Economy


Discover How Her Action Coaching Program Combines


  1. Action
  2. Accountability
  3. Focus, and
  4. Formulas
  5. The Very Best Real Estate Marketing Materials
  6. Automated System


To Create a 1-2 Punch That Will Supercharge Your Investing and Literally FORCE You To Put More Money in "Front Pocket National Bank" Each and Every Month— While You Work Less and Less…


Again and again people who “failed” in the other systems come to Kathy to "get FIXED up" and turn into wonderful SUCCESSES with her, her team, her proven systems, her marketing, and especially her coaching!


"Check at closing was $39,018.30; I wholeheartedly recommend Kathy"...


Direct mail works great and my phone is ringing off the hook from your zip code mailing. I just completed my first deal since the conference. The house had many great offers and sold in only two days for more than the asking price. My check at closing was $39,018.30. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathy's direct mail system to anyone wanting to grow their real estate investment business.


-- Bert Cox - Manchester, NH


It's called the Action Coaching Program


…and it is designed for people willing to FOCUS, who are looking to use ACTION to jump-start their investing career or take it from stuck in second gear to zoom-zooming ahead using simple, proven FORMULAS of real estate investing combined with the ACCOUNTABILITY of a Real Estate Coach who is accountable to your success.


This coaching program provides a systematic approach to your development and monthly implementation of your business plan.


It also powerfully addresses the subtle ways you have subconsciously sabotaged your own success in previous ventures to ensure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.


This is perhaps the most powerful career-building program ever devised for real estate investors, one that will ensure your hand is held until you are propelled into your next level as an ever-more successful entrepreneur.


It’s not for everyone.


For Good Reason! You will learn proven secrets that have built many multi-millionaire fortunes for my inner circle — and can easily now give you the lifestyle you’ve been seeking.


You provide the FOCUS and the ACTION.


Kathy provides the FORMULAS and the ACCOUNTABILITY.


Here’s just a small TASTE of what you will now get for ONE RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE when you sign up today…


  1. Weekly – One on One Mastermind Phone Calls With Kathy
  2. Monthly – Newsletter And Articles
  3. Unlimited Q & A with Kathy via fax & email
  4. Kathy’s Amazing Direct Mail Marketing System and Bonuses
  5. Kathy's Personal Support
  6. Kathy Kennebrook’s Marketing Magic III As a Special Bonus!!


I’m having too much fun piling up success stories…excited, happy, grateful, “can’t believe how easy it is to put all that money in my Front Pocket National Bank” testimonials


Listen, I can’t guarantee you I’ll keep it so low in price forever. As you’re about to see, it is WAY too affordable not to raise the price on people who don’t have the gumption to get in while the getting is good…REALLY, REALLY GOOD! This coaching program is way less expensive than a lot of other programs out there AND you get Kathy as your coach!! 


In fact, if you just live in North America you can’t afford not to invest in this program!


Kathy can only take a limited number of students at any one time since she does NOT hand her students off to another coach. This is One on One Coaching with

Kathy Kennebrook!!


Invest in something that will actually move your life forward—TODAY


Sign UP NOW while Kathy still has slots available!!

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