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I regularly get e-mails and calls from my students all over the country regarding contracts and other legal questions. For this reason I wanted to share some important information you need to know in order to “bullet proof” your Real Estate Investing Business.

Here is information about a legal service that I feel you must have in order to help you to achieve the success you deserve. It is unfortunate that today we live in a very litigious society, and investing in real estate makes you far more likely to end up in a legal situation than your average American citizen. Check out my website at for more information.

Let me explain how this service can help you: Each state has different specific requirements for rentals, evictions, contracts, lease/options, agreements for deed, land trusts and other documents that are important to your real estate investing business. With the purchase of my Marketing Magic system, you are entitled to support both for your marketing and for your deals. What you will not receive from me is legal advice since I am not an attorney, however I always recommend that you have your contracts and documents looked at by an attorney in your local area. But having an attorney review each document can be very expensive.

I have a way that you can afford to do this that is very reasonable! For $26.00 or less per month (depending on your state) you can have an attorney at your fingertips to review documents and agreements, and answer legal questions about real estate or any other business or personal matter you may have including traffic citations. In fact they will also prepare your will for you if you don’t have one and review yours if you do. This service will get you the legal advice you deserve at a price you can easily afford! Check out my website at for more information.

This service is called Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. I have personally had this service for over seven years. Not only has it more than paid for itself over that time, it has given me a tremendous sense of peace of mind and confidence in running my real estate business and in my personal life. It has saved me thousands of dollars over the time I have had it and personally, I can’t imagine how anyone would want to be without it.

I mean think about it, you have medical insurance for illness, car insurance for accidents, why would you not have legal insurance for all kinds of things that can happen to you both in your business and personal life?

Please visit my website to check out this wonderful service and see how it can help you in your real estate investing business and your personal life at: You can review all the services they offer and sign up on-line if you’d like.

I highly endorse this service and feel that Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. coupled with your Marketing Magic System is an unbeatable combination!

(It’s also an awesome business opportunity if you’re looking for one)

P.S. As a bonus, if you sign up through me or my website at, you will receive my Personal Path to Prosperity Course absolutely FREE! This is a $99.00 Value that will answer many of the questions you have about real estate investing.