Kathy Kennebrook®'s Marketing Magic With Real Prospect Software

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Marketing Magic with Real Prospect Software® Includes:

Marketing Magic - “The Green System”

In Marketing Magic - How To Find Motivated Sellers, you'll get my complete system that includes 5 direct mail campaigns targeted to locate more motivated sellers than you will be able to handle, in addition to several other great marketing techniques. You'll receive step-by-step directions on:

  • How to attract only the most motivated sellers and have them practically begging you to take their property off their hands.

  • How to use my special Response Mechanismdesigned to get motivated sellers contacting you quickly.

  • How to use my step-by-step marketing plan to find motivated sellers even if you haven't done your first deal yet.

  • How to pre-screen sellers so you only deal with the ones most likely to make the best deals with you, instead of wasting your time on houses you will never be able to buy.

  • How to Automate the Systemto get someone else doing all the work for you so you can close the deals.

  • You'll learn how to find more deals in the first couple of weeks than you will be able to process in a year. Finding the deals is the easiest part when you use my unique systems.

  • How to find and contact the owners of vacant, abandoned properties and how to make incredible deals on these properties.

  • How to find and make incredible deals with burned out landlords. These can be a wonderful opportunity to purchase multi-properties.

  • How to locate motivated sellers who need to sell and have no idea about how to solve their problem. Some of these very motivated sellers include out-of-state owners, estates, and divorce situations.

  • How to follow up with prospective sellers so you end up buying their property when their circumstances dictate that they sell. Most real estate investors leave boatloads of money behind by not having a follow up plan in place.

  • Telephone scripts so you'll never have to wonder what you should say to these motivated sellers.

  • How to do mailings within specific zip code ranges in your area and refine your list to reach only the most motivated sellers within these zip codes.

  • How to use the other 10 marketing techniques that I share with you to find motivated sellers. Typical marketing rules say that you should have between three and five marketing strategies in place in order to have the highest number of motivated sellers contacting you at any given time.


Marketing Magic II - “The Red System”

In Marketing Magic II - How To Find Even More Motivated Sellers, you will get even more unique direct mail campaigns designed to locate even more motivated sellers, and … I have included even more special marketing techniques you can use with these sellers, including:

  • How to build credibility and confidence with your sellers from their very first contact with you.

  • A step-by-step marketing plan for you to have even more motivated sellers contacting you quickly.

  • How to get motivated sellers calling you with houses other investors simply do not want or know how to buy. But you will!

  • Even more low-cost techniques to attract motivated sellers to contact you … plus, all the scripts you'll need to pre-screen sellers so you end up dealing with only the most highly motivated of the group.

  • How to locate motivated sellers who will deed you excellent homes in lovely neighborhoods.

  • How to approach and get Realtors to supply you with more qualified leads than you can handle without having to pay huge commissions.

  • How to locate the owners of and purchase pre-foreclosures before other investors know about them.

  • How to Call On Ads, what to say, who to call and how to get someone else doing all the work for you so all you have to do is deal with sellers who really want to sell. I have even included the telephone scripts so the sellers are pre-screened for you.

  • How to find your personal dream home in a lovely area with no cash out of pocket and no credit. Purchase a beautiful home for yourself and your family for way under it's market value and make all your friends jealous.

  • How to use Attorneys to find you great deals on distressed properties no one else knows about. This is an excellent lead generation technique to find properties that other investors simply don't know about without any other work on your part except for the initial contact with the attorney.

  • How to use your current tenants as bird dogs and motivate them to continuously find you great leads on properties you can purchase and get your rents paid on time.

  • How to find and work with the owners of properties with no mortgages and get really creative financing on these excellent properties in great neighborhoods.

  • How to target other niche markets that other investors just don't even think about and make great deals on great houses there is absolutely no competition for.

  • Learn how to use 14 additional marketing techniques that are some of my personal favorites to build your lead base and let even more sellers know that you are in the business of buying houses and create even more revenue in the process.

  • How to use Wholesale Buyers to bird dog for you, build your lead base and make you even more money by purchasing the properties from you after you get them under contract.

These are all the marketing techniques that I personally use to generate more leads than I can process. In the last few years, I have bought and sold over 200 properties using these methods on a daily basis. So I know they work.

And according to students who are using my systems all over the country, they will work no matter where you live. If you want to have all the motivated sellers you'll ever need contacting you, then these Marketing Magic systems are for you! Your business can't survive without sellers, and personally … I only like the ones who are motivated to sell.

“Wanted to let you know what great results we are getting. Since my wife and I started using the direct mail campaigns contained in your system, we are receiving at least 45 leads per month. We netted over $9,000 on one of our first deals using your system.” Larry Harbolt, St. Petersburg , Florida


Magic Seller Phone Conversations

In this unique product, I pulled out the telephone scripts for each of the Marketing Magic direct mail campaigns, (12 in all) and we created a manual and audio to teach you how to talk to sellers. We pulled out real deals from our files done with real sellers and re-enacted the phone conversations so you can hear them first-hand. You'll learn how to:

  • Recognize the difference between a motivated seller and a non-motivated seller.

  • Quickly end a conversation with a non-motivated seller.

  • Get all the information you need to determine whether or not there is a deal to be made.

  • Leave the lines of communication open with semi-motivated sellers so you can follow up and do a deal at a later date when the seller becomes more motivated.

  • Listen to the scripts over and over until you become comfortable with the words you need to say to sellers.

  • Make the deal on the phone before you ever go see the property.

  • Work with all kinds of sellers in all kinds of situations.

These are the telephone scripts I use everyday to talk to all kinds of sellers so I know they work. I wanted to share this special product with you, my students, as a way to help you get even more deals done and jump start your real estate business!

I have even included a copy of my personal 24 hour recorded message, both audio and transcribed.


Seller Phone Conversations

NEW! RealProspect™ - Prospect Management and Direct Mail Automation Software for Creative Real Estate Investors

  • Automate your multi-step direct mail campaigns to stay on track and maximize every dollar you spend on marketing, and systemize your prospecting to guarantee your real estate investing success.

  • Crank up your marketing machine by automatically scheduling and managing your direct mail marketing campaigns! Create pre-defined campaign actions by indicating the number of days between each mailing that automatically track prospects and notify you when mailings need to be finished.

  • Dramatically increase your direct mail response rates by up to 145% by easily merging prospect info into your letters! For example, automatically merge the prospects first name into the greeting, or the property address in the body of the letter somewhere. Just setup your letter templates once, and then crank out your mailings with just a few clicks.

  • Be prepared when sellers call with detailed, deal making information at your finger tips! Store property, contact, and financial information (mortgage balances, etc.), comparables, offers submitted, contact next actions and history, notes, link documents (pdf, Word, Excel, etc.), and property pictures.

  • Avoid wasting valuable time looking for prospect information by keeping your prospects organized in specific categories! You can separate your database into categories, then easily send a mailing to an entire category or create a mailing campaign to process for all the prospects in any specific category.

  • Find your deal-making prospect information quickly using the advanced search feature! You can create search results by any criteria, then perform a number of actions on the results, such as print letters, print labels, add them to a category, export them, delete them, etc.

  • Never miss a potential deal by staying on track with your prospect follow-ups from ONE easy to use activity list! The activities list is separated by activities that are due by date range, past due, and mailing campaigns that need to be finished. This feature gives you a quick snapshot of your entire prospecting activities from one easy to access screen.

  • Put deals together and profit quickly by keeping a buyers list of wholesale and retail buyers just waiting to give you their money! Store a list of buyers and information about the type of houses they are looking for. Then when you find a property that meets their criteria, you can quickly find them in the buyers list and put the deal together.

  • Put Deals Together Profitably By Using The Offer Calculator So You Know Exactly How Much You Should Offer.

  • Customize RealProspect™ to meet YOUR unique business needs by creating up to 50 custom user-defined fields! You can create up to 50 custom fields to hold prospect detail information specific to your individual investing business needs beyond those we have already provided for you.

  • Be notified when activities are past due! You will never miss an important contact or mailing action with the RealProspect™ activity notification utility. This reminder will sit at the bottom right corner of your computer screen and notify you when actions need to be finished - even when the RealProspect™ program is closed.

  • Share your RealProspect™ database with other networked computers! If you have an office or home network, you can setup RealProspect™ to let all of your networked computers share the same database.

Your Investment in this Entire System is Only $1,695.00!

An Introductory Savings of $500.00

Off the Regular price of $2,195.00

But that's not all! You will also receive an important bonus. My personal help!! But only if you act now!! This is your personal assurance of success!!

You'll receive One Full Year of personal guidance and support from ME!! I'll answer whatever questions you may have about the marketing techniques you are using or a deal you may be working on via e-mail, fax, or by phone. YOu must act quickly since I can only work with a limited number of students at any given time.

You'll also get all the guidance and support you need to get you started on your way to building a successful marketing campaign. It's advice you can trust since I have spent the time perfecting these systems, which I use every day, for your use.

Imagine the value this one service can add to your business!! This guidance and support has meant thousands of additional dollars to new students by helping them perfect their own marketing strategies.

At normal consulting fees, this service is valued at $3,000.00 by itself, but it's yours at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE if you act now!

With your advice and coaching I was able to get on a program that makes sense and gets results. Patience, persistence and your excellent system have given me a way to significantly increase my income and get that much closer to my goals.” Mike Heiney, Clearwater , Florida

Just Think What Happens when You Do Not Make A
Decision To Act

Here is an example of just some of my most recent deals.

  • Purchased home in excellent condition for $46,000. Added central heat and air and lease optioned two weeks later for $119,900. Net $73,000

  • Purchased home for $45,000. Did $7,000 in rehab and sold 60 days later for $115,900. After Costs Net - $61,000.

  • Put rehab home under contract for $650,000. ARV $1,200,000. Sold for $999,900. After Costs Net - $190,000.

  • Purchased home for $45,000. Did $2,000 in rehab. ARV $87,000. Cash flowing at $5,000 per month.

That's $366,000 On Just 4 Deals, Because I Knew How To Find These Motivated Sellers.

You can do nothing at all, after all that's the easy thing to do, right?? And you'll still have your $1,695.00 … or will you?? Most likely, if you're active in the business at all, you'll still be squandering your money wondering why you can't get any motivated sellers contacting you and why you aren't buying any houses. You'll lose many times the amount of these systems in lost opportunities.

It Is Impossible To Learn What I Know For
Less Than I Charge!!

Your other choice would be to try to imitate my systems without having all the tools available to help you. I know from personal experience you will make many mistakes and it will cost you a great deal more than the price of my systems. I have perfected these systems to take all of the guess-work out of the equation for you, and it has taken time and mistakes to perfect the systems for your use. So why try to re-invent the wheel when there's a proven system already in place for you to implement??

So Are You Ready?

Now I know my systems may not be for everyone, and if you're not seriously ready to take your business to the next level and have more motivated sellers contacting you than you can handle, then maybe my Marketing Magic systems aren't for you!

But personally, I think if you've read this far, you're ready to take your business to new levels! So, if you are able to make a decision today, and take your business to another level, then make the best choice and order these two systems today and put the tools I've created to work for you!

Use the fax and e-mail support to your advantage and get that head start you need in your business and start getting motivated sellers contacting you immediately! If you'll do your part, I'll do mine to help you to create more deals than you can handle.

When you make that choice, the price becomes insignificant compared to the huge numbers of motivated sellers you can have practically begging you to buy their homes and start making money!!

Just place your order today. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

I'm The Very Best At What I DO So Here's My
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I only want to work with serious, excited, happy customers, so here is my ironclad, no risk guarantee to take away any remaining doubts you may have. Order my complete systems with the bonus support! Try it for 10 days.

If you're not absolutely convinced these systems are everything I said they were, or if you feel for any reason they do not live up to what I promised, or you simply change your mind, please return them for a prompt and courteous refund of 100% of the purchase price less restocking fee, no questions asked.

Well, I've made my case in the best way I know how. You are either in or out!! If you're in, order right now for quickest delivery!! There's absolutely no risk, absolutely no way to lose.

Kathy Kennebrook®

P.S. Don't forget. Order today to receive One Full Year of free e-mail and fax support, a $3000.00 value!!

P.P.S. One last thing … honest, I'm almost done! Remember, you have a full 10 days to use my systems and if they aren't everything I said they are, you can return them for a full refund, less restocking fee!!!

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