Kathy Kennebrook® - Finding Motivated Sellers E-Book


Kathy Kennebrook® is the ultimate success story. She spent twelve years in the banking industry, and another ten in sales--logging thousands of miles each year in order to make a living--before discovering the world of real estate. After attending some real estate seminars and club meetings, this 4'11"? mother of two got really excited and turned on. And before you know it, she had bought and sold over 200 hundred single family houses using none of her own money or credit. Along the way, she discovered a direct mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds, begging her to buy their property. She's become the expert at finding motivated sellers using many types of direct mail marketing.

  • Learn the difference between shotgun marketing and target marketing
  • Learn which marketing techniques work the best
  • Learn what your budget for marketing costs should be
  • Learn what kinds of motivated sellers Kathy targets
  • Learn about Kathy's Cookie Cutter system to finding motivated sellers
  • Learn how to handle motivated sellers
  • Learn about advertorials
  • Learn how to get your direct mail opened
  • Learn how to put a couple of checkpoints in your system
  • Learn how Kathy funds her deals